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Electric Picnic 2007 – the readers pick their hamper

The best music festival of 2007? Don’t take our word for it. On The Record blog readers were asked to give us their verdict on the Electric Picnic and here’s their take on it. Many agreed with Ian who cited …

Fri, Sep 7, 2007, 10:28


The best music festival of 2007? Don’t take our word for it. On The Record blog readers were asked to give us their verdict on the Electric Picnic and here’s their take on it.

Many agreed with Ian who cited a certain indie superstar jam as a highlight. “Now I love some Final Fantasy, I’m a bit iffy on Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and quite dismissive of Architecture In Helsinki.

“But what happens when you add all three together? You get a 40 minute improvised jam session in the Body and Soul on Sunday night which had to be a million times better than Primal Scream were on the main stage”.

Others, like Murphisto, found highs everywhere they looked. “Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid were unbelievable. Checking out the rave in Fossets Circus on Sunday night was a surreal buzz. Also The Dukesbox (a three piece band squashed in a caravan playing whatever you keyed in, from Beefheart to Motorhead to Mousse T), Jamie Lidell rocking the Bodytonic tent and Yoda’s VJ set.”

Cait mentioned “Chk Chk Chk, the entire cinema tent dancing to Footloose, the almost-rave on Sunday in Body and Soul, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and the daily Ticket!

Chk Chk Chk were also a hit with Portixol as was Final Fantasy (“the Arcade Fire in your pocket”), Ratatat (“buckets of hair plus Mogwai plus Godspeed) and Spilly Walker (“David Kitt and mini David Kitt roll out Ibiza anthems”).

After enduring tuneless versions of David Bowie’s hits in the red campsite on Friday night, Matt Vinyl’s weekend got better with Electrelane, Ratatat, Rilo Kiley, Sonic Youth, Fujiya and Miyagi and Skream.

“I rounded off the weekend in Body and Soul getting down to Stevie G who managed to play just about every song released since about 1957 in his set and the crowd were loving it.”

Fujiya and Miyagi were also a wow for Liam Asciinoid (as were “Erasure, LCD Soundsystem, dancing with inflatable butterfly girls and Le Bien in Body and Soul”) and Naomi (“their jumpy beats and impeccable timing in Foggy Notions on Sunday night blew me away”), while Sarah was won over by “Oppenheimer, Super Extra Bonus Party, Jarvis Cocker, Lisa Hannigan and The Dhol Foundation.

“There was so much really good stuff going on”, Sarah said. “Next year ahoy”.


For Picnic-goers, the food stalls are an essential part of the weekend’s appeal.

Indeed, The Ticket at the Electric Picnic carried a rake of food reviews in the Saturday edition.

But Paul Mc was not a happy camper with this. “I read the Pieminster review in The Ticket and screamed ‘no, the queue’s gonna be massive!’.”

And he was right. As Colm from Eyebrowy put it, “queues are like league tables and they don’t lie. By the looks of them this weekend, EP punters are putting Mr. Pieminister’s kids through college”.

Other gourmet treats winning over our readers included “the Real Gourmet Burger bar and Paulaner beer” (Liam), “the mint chocolate fudge from the farmers market, free Glenish vanilla yogurts and the wine stall where a glass of Reisling could be got for 4.50 and where you could get gorgeous cider” (Portixol) and “freshly battered strangely unspined fish and chips from the Sea Cow people” (Nigel).


However, it wasn’t all good. Complaints aired this week ranged from poor booking decisions (many wondered why the Beastie Boys were in an over-crowded tent) to the atrocious sound from some of the stages.

Whinges about the scarcity of toilets, the failure to make the timetable available in advance, inconsistent security decisions and the bars closing at 10pm were also heard.

“I wonder how long the Electric Picnic can carry on the pretence it’s a boutique festival”, mused one reader. “The campsite was stretched to capacity and the Oxegen rite of passage factor seems to be creeping in.”


“I thought the daily Ticket was fantastic”, says Katie. “It looked amazing and the fact that it had the most up-to-date line-ups was a real plus. Did you really produce this in a shed?”

Yes Katie, we really produced a daily mini-newspaper in a shed in a field in Co Laois.

Published on both Saturday and Sunday, The Ticket at the Electric Picnic featured reviews, interviews, news, features, terrible puns and fantastic photos by our hard-working (and award-winning – she kept that quiet) Aussie snapper Kate Geraghty.

If you didn’t pick up a copy, you can read both issues here.