Political cynicism

Sir, – Perhaps unsurprisingly, journalist Janan Ganesh overlooks one culprit in his reflection on why politicians are no longer trusted by so many ("Seeing the worst in politicians has brought out the worst in politics", World News, Analysis, October 24th). The media. Due to 24-hour TV news channels and the internet, "news" is far more pervasive now than ever before. Massive competitive pressure has produced an insatiable need for sensation in order to attract readers and viewers. This has occurred at the same time as journalism has been captured by the liberal left with its so-called progressive agenda covering everything from open borders to gender-neutral changing rooms.

As a result, every politician to the right of Trotskyists like People Before Profit seems to be regarded by journalists as a potential chancer, sexist and closet racist. – Yours, etc,


Bayside, Dublin 13.