A rude awakening

Sir, – I refer to Paddy Murray's Irishman's Diary ("A rude awakening", October 22nd) and would like to offer him a tip that works for me every time. When I hold a door for somebody or stand in the theatre, concert hall or cinema while a patron squashes past me (usually late) into their seat, while treading on my toes, I say, at the top of my voice, "You are welcome".

This throws them completely and they usually come back with an immediate embarrassed “Thank you”. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.

Sir, – Well said, Paddy Murray! I couldn’t agree more. Growing up in Monaghan all those years ago, there wasn’t a surplus of money, but we were taught manners and respect! God be with those days! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.

Sir, – I also have held doors open for both people of both genders, and got no show of gratitude. Table manners are a thing of the past for some. It pleases me to allow a motorist get in line, but so often get no acknowledgment.

Even so, I will continue with good manners. I thank my parents for that. – Yours, etc,



Co Louth.

Sir, – I enjoyed the Irishman’s Diary on examples of bad manners. Could I add another one to the list, namely the refusal of ever being allowed through on a golf course by severely slow players in front! – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.