If Dublin win six

Sir, – So we are back again, for the fifth year, discussing Dublin footballers and a "professional team playing an amateur game" (Letters, September 18th).

If Kerry had taken their squandered goal opportunities in the drawn match, I take it this phoney debate about finances, geographical home advantage, etc, would not be an issue as we would be celebrating the dawn of another era of Kerry dominance. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 3.

Sir, – In acknowledging their achievement, Denis O’Donoghue (Letters, September 18th) sets out what he perceives to be the various advantages enjoyed by the current Dublin football team.

Perhaps he could explain why, with nearly all of these advantages, Dublin only managed to win one All-Ireland title between 1984 and 2010? – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.

A chara, – Whatever the concern about the dominance of the elite teams (and in particular Dublin) in inter-county football, the GAA has been an astonishing success at club and community level. When I look at my granddaughter playing on our local club’s mixed (boys and girls) under-seven football team and think of the record crowd (over 56,000) at the Ladies Football Final in Croke Park last Sunday, I have to reflect on how wonderfully egalitarian and adaptive the GAA has been over the course of my lifetime. As a community sporting organisation nothing comes near it in the social life of the country. Long may it prosper. – Is mise,



Co Wicklow.