Boiling water

Sir, – While I feel sympathy for the 600,000-odd householders left boiling their water this week in Dublin and Kildare, I might point out that for 16,000 of us in south Sligo, this has been the situation for a year now. What is more, it will be at least another year before the new plant necessary to fix the issue will be up and running. Perhaps the Government could take a minute between news updates to justify why this situation is not being prioritised? – Yours, etc,





Sir, – Just recently some of our beaches were declared unfit for bathing, and now we have a boil-water notice covering 600,000 citizens in part of the greater Dublin area.

Our elected representatives have passed this hot potato to Irish Water, and no doubt this entity is working hard to modernise our water and sewage systems. This is such a basic requirement for a modern democracy that it is beholden on the Dáil and Cabinet to ensure sufficient funds are available to carry out the upgrading of our systems. After all, it was these same politicians who scrapped water charges, and now wash their hands of any responsibility! – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.