Residents of Dublin village to protest over construction of nursing home

Development on convent lands in Clondalkin will undermine historic village, locals claim

Residents of Clondalkin in south west Dublin are to hold a rally on Saturday afternoon to protest the construction of a nursing home on religious congregation-owned lands in the village.

South Dublin County Council last May granted permission to developer Bartra to built a 155-bed four-storey nursing home and a 14 bed retirement home on the grounds of the Presentation Sisters' convent in Clondalkin village.

The council's decision has been appealed to An Bord Pleanála and the board's ruling is due next month.

The Save Clondalkin Convent Campaign said the “multi-storey” nursing home would “completely obscure” the mid-19th century convent and “undermine the important heritage of the village”.

This proposed new development would “envelop one of the oldest buildings in the village and obscure views of it and the adjacent church”.

It would also have a “very significant negative impact” on adjoining schools, residential areas and traffic in the village the campaign group said.

The group said it has sought engagement with the Presentation Sisters and the developers to discuss “more appropriate plans” that could still meet the needs of the elderly congregation and the wider community.

However it said despite these overtures there has been an “absence of any meaningful community engagement.”

A spokesman for Bartra said it did “not comment on active planning applications”. The Presentation Sisters did not respond to queries.

A march will be led from St Brigid’s Well to Boot Road to Convent Road in Clondalkin at 3pm.

Olivia Kelly

Olivia Kelly

Olivia Kelly is Dublin Editor of The Irish Times