Louth fan seeks leave to challenge goal


A pensioner wants to bring High Court proceedings arising from the controversial decision to award a goal to Meath in the dying moments of the 2010 Leinster GAA football final against Louth.

Louth football fan Paddy Garvey (75) wants to challenge Meath’s controversial winning goal in the Leinster final at Croke Park when Meath player Joe Sheridan infamously threw the ball over the line.

Arising out of the decision, Mr Garvey issued a summons under Section 51 of the district court rules compelling the GAA president to come before the court.

He says he issued the summons against the GAA president because Meath won the game and was awarded “the Leinster medals”, despite the GAA rules being “clearly breached” by Joe Sheridan throwing the ball over the line.

When Mr Garvey’s summons was struck out at the District Court in July 2011, he appealed that ruling to the Circuit Court. Last March, Judge Alison Lindsay, upheld the District Court’s decision.

Today, Mr Garvey sought leave from the High Court to have Judge Lindsay’s decision judicially reviewed. He claims Judge Lindsay failed to give reasons why his case was being dismissed and was obliged to do.

The application was heard by Mr Justice Michael Peart who told Mr Garvey he would consider the legal documents submitted in his application and would give his decision next week whether the proceedings may be brought.