Coronavirus: Derry Girls share ‘isolation’ home video

It’s 1996, and Erin and Orla have decamped to the hot press amid danger on the streets

Two of the Derry Girls have shared a coronavirus lockdown-inspired home video.

It’s the mid-1990s, and Erin (played by Saoirse Monica Jackson) and Orla (Louisa Harland) have decamped to the safety of the hot press amid tensions in the city.

“Good evening, my name is Erin Quinn and this is Orla McCool, the year is 1996 and we’re speaking from Derry, Northern Ireland,” Erin says. “These are uncertain times. Peace negotiations have broken down and mass rioting engulfs our streets. The city is literally on fire. We’ve been ordered to remain inside our homes by the authorities” – aka their mammies.

The girls are filming themselves for “future historians”. Staying in isolation “is the most important thing we’ve ever had to do”, Erin says. “It’s just such a massive responsibility.”


The actors recorded the sketch while in their own lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. Harland explained they were able to make it as they live together; they are close friends away from the Channel 4 sitcom, which RTÉ is also set to show. “Stay home,” Harland tweeted.