New artist of the week: The Murder Capital

Plus songs you have to hear from Phoebe Bridgers and Big Red Machine

What: Ireland's best new rock band?
Where: Dublin
Why: The only song made public to date from this fledgling five-piece from Dublin is a live session video recorded in Herbert Recording Studios. More Is Less is a song that makes an immediate impression with its punk-rock energy and intense delivery despite being experienced through a screen.

Live, The Murder Capital’s energy is more palpable as the members embody the twists and turns of their songs that are indebted to 1980s new wave, punk rock, garage and shoegaze.

Most notable is the confrontational delivery of frontman James McGovern, whose thousand-yard stare at the audience prompts double takes to see if he’s looking at them. Phones are put away in reaction. McGovern’s vocal style and demeanour may carry a love/hate dynamic but kudos to the singer for the absolute commitment (also known as having some balls on him) and vocals that occasionally employ a punk-energy spoken-word tone.

Comparisons to The Horrors, Fugazi and two recent Dublin rock bands Girl Band and Fontaines DC are easy to make and suggest that The Murder Capital have a great potential to break out of their city. Roll on the releases.


You have to hear this...

Phoebe Bridgers – The Gold
The Los Angeles singer-songwriter transforms the Georgian indie rock band Manchester Orchestra's biggest track by melting away the harmony and reconstructing it with delicate notes, echo and lilting guitar. "You and me, we're a day drink/ So lose your faith in me," Bridgers sings, giving the ending of a relationship a bittersweet landing. Listen here

Big Red Machine – Forest Green
The National's Aaron Dessner and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon first collaborated on a 2008 charity album, Dark Was the Night, before they met in person. Since then, the pair have worked on the project at their various collaboration-heavy festivals under the banner PEOPLE at places like Eaux Claires in Wisconsin and Sounds From A Safe Harbour. An album was subsequently recorded and from it, and a trailing EP, is this lush and rolling heartwarmer. Listen here