Poem of the week: Ophelia’s Day Out

A new poem by Patrick Chapman

The Dodder. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

The Dodder. Photograph Nick Bradshaw


You’ll smile to remember the emerald basque, velvet
on my freckled skin, and yes my Titian hair, bright
as we sit, a chaste pair, on a bank of the Dodder
with our ploughman’s lunch and black beer.
Often troubled by simpleton princes,
I fear a disturbance in the bushes
but on our balmy afternoon
we have no such visitation –

and you’d hardly notice it –
as we try to catch our shadows
on the passing flits of minnows.
In a moment our tongues will meet
like lovers’ tongues, as the river throws
a hissy fit.

Patrick Chapman’s latest books are So Long, Napoleon Solo, a novella and Anhedonia, a collection of stories. A new collection of poems is due from Salmon in 2019