BMW issues another recall: this time over fire risk

German car firm is recalling 3-Series models over potential fire hazard

The latest recall relates to a cable connecting the battery and a  blower fan  which can potentially catch fire

The latest recall relates to a cable connecting the battery and a blower fan which can potentially catch fire


BMW is recalling all 3 Series cars, both petrol and diesel, built between December 2004 and July 2011 due to a potential fire risk in a second major safety recall by the firm in two weeks.

The issue relates to a cable connecting the battery and blower fan in the vehicle potentially catching fire.

This is a separate issue to the recall earlier this month over a potential electrical failure causing some cars to cut out. However, the majority of the cars affected in this latest recall were already part of the recall two weeks ago.

A spokeswoman said it was too early to estimate the number of Irish cars affected. However, in the UK nearly 300,000 cars are being recalled over this latest issue.

The spokeswoman said: “BMW Ireland is currently working to ascertain the number of additional 3 Series models this will affect in Ireland, and will begin the recall process in parallel with the existing recall.

“This involves replacing two wiring connections on the cars already affected. In doing so we are taking every precaution in terms of safety while minimising disruption and inconvenience to affected customers.

Chassis number

“Any customers wondering if their vehicle is affected can contact BMW over the weekend on our social media channels or email our customer care team on with their chassis number. Following on from this, our customer care team will be available on 1890 719 421 from Monday 9am.”

Earlier this month the firm recalled 10,602 cars in the Republic – 1 Series, 3 Series, X1, and Z4 models built between March 2007 and September 2011 – to repair an electrical fault in some of its cars following revelations on BBC’s Watchdog Live programme that the vehicles can suffer total electrical failure, causing them to cut out. In the UK this recall affected 312,000 cars.

That problem relates to a corroded or broken power connection, where the primary power cable for the vehicle meets the power distribution box. As well as “friction corrosion”, BMW says vibrations from the engine and suspension movements can also damage the connector.