Average chartered accountant salary exceeds €106,000

Chartered accountants in the first year post-qualification earned €56,800 on average

The average salary package in 2017 for a chartered accountant in Leinster is €106,500, at a similar level to 2016. According to research from the chartered accountant Leinster Society, over the last three years some eight in ten chartered accountants have seen their salary rise by at least 10 per cent.

For chartered accountants working in industry in their first year post-qualification, the average salary package, which includes salary, car allowance and bonuses, stands at €56,800. That’s slightly lower than the €58,800 those in financial services earn in their first year post-qualification.

Career progression and prospects appear to be strong in the sector with 45 per cent of respondents reporting promotion in the last three years and 89 per cent suggesting that the jobs market was positive.

"Chartered Accountancy remains the largest single employer of new graduates in Ireland. For these potential Chartered Accountancy students, we are seeing more training vacancies available in businesses and practices across Ireland for graduates of all backgrounds", said Oliver Holt, chairman of the chartered accountants Leinster society.

Of those surveyed, 68 per cent reported that they work in industry, 21 per cent in an accountancy practice and the remainder in public service.