Buy your very own ‘Game of Thrones’ castle for £500,000

Gosford Castle in Co Armagh is attracting interest from fans around the world


Hundreds of Games of Thrones fans across the globe may be gathering their resources for what could be an epic battle to get their hands on a castle in the North, that has featured in the hit TV series, and is on the market with a £500,000 (€561,670) price tag.

The sale of part of Gosford Castle in Co Armagh, which has appeared as Riverrun, the former seat of the House of Tully and the location for certain dark events, including the beheading of Rickard Karstark by Robb Stark is, according to the estate handling the sale, attracting “worldwide attention”.

Maison Real Estate’s Armagh branch which is selling the castle said it has received hundreds of emails, not only from interested buyers in Ireland but also from Game of Thrones fans in America, Australia and China.

The estate agent has confirmed that it has already received at least one offer for the asking price of £500,000 but, for the time being, the castle remains on the market.

The Grade A-listed castle, which has 365 windows, was built in the mid-1800s by the second Earl of Gosford, Archibald Acheson and was home to the family until 1921.

Although it may have provided an inspiring backdrop for some sensational scenes during the Game of Thrones series it has not been lacking in drama in real life either.

Past dramas

At one stage during the second World War, Gosford Castle was a base for Allied troops and a prisoner-of-war camp was also established on the estate.

After the war the Acheson family sold the castle to the ministry of agriculture who developed a 590-acre Gosford Forest Park which subsequently became the North’s first conservation forest.

During the Troubles, the castle was once again used as a military base and following that had another lease of life as a hotel.

In more recent years the castle was acquired by Gosford Castle Development Ltd who launched a £4 million restoration plan to transform it into luxury apartments.

Some 17 apartments were completed and are all occupied, but the part of the castle on the market offers the potential to develop a further six apartments with an average space of 3,500sq ft each and, in some cases, roof-top gardens.

According to Maison Real Estate, as well as attracting hundreds of Games of Thrones fans who would love to claim the castle as their own, it has also caught the attention of hotel groups and film production companies.

“The possibilities are endless and only on inspection can this castle and its beautiful location be truly appreciated,” the agent said.