CPE  is highly antibiotic-resistant and can be lethal when it enters the bloodstream. Photograph: iStock

The Department of Health is seeking to shut down the emergency response set up to tackle a lethal superbug, despite the fact that the number of cases (...)

Drug-resistant bacteria of the Enterococcus genus. Photograph: Janice Carr/CDC/ Science Photo Library

The Health Service Executive (HSE) has begun writing to hundreds of patients who were not told they had come into contact with other patients carrying(...)

It is ‘not just the HSE’ that needs to act to combat the spread of the bug. Photograph: iStock

The head of the HSE’s task force combatting superbugs has the health service is facing a race against time to deal with the the potentially fatal and (...)

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Image: iStock

No hospital in the world has devised a way of successfully combating the spread of the superbug CPE, the cause of the recent announcement convening t(...)

Untreated sewage

The discovery that an antibiotic-resistant superbug can be attributed to the discharge of untreated sewage into the sea close to Galway is an alarming(...)

National University of Ireland, Galway microbiologist Prof Martin Cormican. Photograph: NUIG

Sunblock has many benefits, but its “nanomaterial” content may not necessarily be that harmless. Society is increasingly using “nanomaterials” or ti(...)

Irish farmers give their pigs up to four times as much antibiotics as Danish farmers, according to the report by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. File photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Farmers and vets need to be incentivised to promote the prudent use of antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents in food production, according to a n(...)

Doctors’ dilemma: lack of investment by drug companies into antibiotic research has been blamed for the paucity of new product development. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Just one new antibiotic for use by GPs has been brought to the Irish market in the last six years, leading to concern about keeping up with the resi(...)

A central lab in Ireland would mean having the flexibility to reassign staff and resources to deal with problems when they become acute.

What happens to the samples you give in hospital? Patients are routinely asked to give samples of urine, sputum and blood. After a few hours, or somet(...)

We benefit much more from clean air, pure water, good food, exercise and strong communities than we do from hospitals, medicines and clinics. Yet dis(...)