Lehman Brothers

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Fenergo’s success has been good for Ireland.

Achieving unicorn status may not be as rare as it once was but it is still a significant achievement. Fenergo this week became one of only a handful o(...)

In Ireland, the figures on education – usually an accurate social leading indicator – reveal our near future. Here, women are more likely to have a third-level education than men. File photograph: Getty

It’s been a long time coming but the feminisation of the economy, wealth and the commanding heights of power, is on its way. By 2030, there will be mo(...)

In Shoreditch, London, a Deliveroo rider takes part in a strike on Wednesday as the food delivery couriers seek fair pay, safety protections and basic workers’ rights. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Image of the week: Dignity seekers A short few months after Deliveroo workers in Ireland held an unofficial strike over pay and conditions – saying t(...)

Depfa, a former high-flying German public sector finance bank, moved its headquarters to Dublin in 2002. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Dublin-based Depfa Bank posted a net loss of €79.4 million last year ahead of a deal by its owners, a German state bad bank, to sell the business to A(...)

Dublin-based Depfa Bank is set to be bought by Austrian lender Bawag from a German State bad bank. Photograph: Kate Geraghty

Dublin-based Depfa Bank is set to be bought by Austrian lender Bawag from a German State bad bank for an undisclosed sum and will continue the orderly(...)

Citron Research’s Andrew Left says shorting is ‘not worth it for me or my family’. .

Retail traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum lost a bundle when the bubble burst, but they can console themselves that they succeeded in one of the(...)

By agreeing to settle  with the FCA, Charles Schwab UK also qualified for a 30%  discount on the initially calculated financial penalty of £12.8m.

Stockbroking firm Charles Schwab UK has been fined £9 million (€9.9 million) by the UK financial regulator for failing to protect its clients’ assets (...)

Depfa’s balance sheet has contracted at an accelerated pace under the German bad bank, with total assets falling to €6.9 billion at the end of June. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Dublin-based Depfa Bank said on Tuesday that it has handed over a €150 million dividend to its owners, a German state-owned bad bank, getting around a(...)

MMFs are mutual funds where banks, companies and governments can place money in the short term to get marginally higher income than putting cash on deposit in banks. Photograph: iStock

Irish-based money market funds, which housed €574 billion of assets at the start of the year, suffered 10 per cent investor withdrawals in March as co(...)

Stepstone was among a number of subprime lenders that entered the Irish market near the peak of the property bubble, before retrenching in the wake of the crash.

Stepstone Mortgages, the boom-time Irish subprime mortgage lender that stopped writing business in 2008, has officially gone into liquidation after se(...)

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