Vincent Kompany defends ‘great challenge’ on Mohamed Salah

Man City captain: ‘on the pitch I felt I got the ball, a bit of the man, but it wasn’t naughty’

Vincent Kompany defended his controversial tackle on Mohamed Salah in Manchester City's 2-1 victory over Liverpool by describing it as a "great challenge".

Kompany escaped with a caution in the Premier League clash at the Etihad after connecting with Mohamed Salah shin-high as the Egypt international tried to jump out of the way.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp felt referee Anthony Taylor had made the wrong call by issuing only a caution, but City's captain insisted his intent was purely to win the ball.

“I thought it was a great challenge. Was it not? All right,” Kompany told Sky Sports.


“On the pitch I felt I got the ball, a bit of the man, but it wasn’t naughty. I didn’t try to injure him, that’s for sure.

“It was that or let him go through on goal and the decision was made very quickly in my head.”

Klopp questioned whether referees needed to see blood or an open wound before issuing a red card.

“I like him (Kompany), he is such a fantastic player but situations like this happen: a player makes a decision, goes on the ground and makes a sliding tackle and takes the risk,” said Klopp, who first spoke about ‘needing blood’ after the treatment Salah received in Saturday’s win over Arsenal.

“If Mo is on his feet — not in the moment when he jumps over him — we talk differently (about the outcome).

“That’s why I said last time (after the Arsenal match) ‘Do we need blood? Do we need an open something (wound)’.

“If Mo can go through (on goal) what happens then? I don’t blame anyone but in a situation like that make a decision.”