The President and the Defence Forces


Sir, – Government Ministers who criticised comments by President Michael D Higgins pertaining to pay and conditions in the Defence Forces should reflect on how “deeply unhelpful” they, both individually and collectively, have been and continue to be to military personnel and their families.

The fact that our President has had to state that serving men and women should have conditions, including an income and prospects, that are sufficient to provide for themselves and their families further underlines how negligent this Government is of the Defence Forces. – Yours, etc,


(Retired Colonel),


Sir, – The fact that the President and supreme commander of the Defence Forces had to comment on the crisis that the Defence Forces find themselves in reflects badly on the Government. The Government should heed the advice offered and end the crisis. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.

Sir, – Will our President intervene in all upcoming pay disputes? Will he voice his opinion on the beef issue?

Mr Higgins says that words must be matched by action. This is an interesting observation given that he stated in 2011 that he would serve as president for a single term. – Yours, etc,



Co Tipperary.