Social media and personal liability

A chara, – Minister for Culture and Media Catherine Martin and Fianna Fáil Senators are proposing that Facebook and Twitter executives should be held personally liable for any harm caused by their organisations ("Social media directors could be personally liable for abuse", News, March 31st).

For Fianna Fáil, this is certainly a new departure in terms of accepting personal responsibility. Although it is safe to assume it does not want any retrospective application of this.

The Greens are so perfect, they have nothing to worry about. They are the planet, and the planet is them. It is impossible for them to make awful decisions that cause serious harm to others; all they want to do is share the lettuce grown in their D4 window boxes with the less fortunate. They should be sufficiently upset by the tech giants to ask them to jolly well move their HQs elsewhere. That would show them who is boss. – Is mise,




Co Kildare.