Nurses and pay


Sir, – Further to “Nurses’ pay, Brexit and economic wobbles: here comes politics 2019” (Opinion & Analysis, December 29th), why not ask nurses, rather than relying on Government officials for the information, about their post-tax salary and pensions?

A newly qualified staff nurse’s pre-tax salary starts at €29,056 a year, rising to €47,898 after 20 years. The “top-ups” you refer to are for 12-hour work shifts on nights, weekends, bank holidays and Christmas. The amount for these “top-ups” is on average €15,000 per annum pre-tax, which is an average €5,000 per annum after tax.

Nurses work 39 hours a week, compared to 37 hours for most other healthcare workers. Fewer than 10 per cent of nurses retire on a full pension.

In any other profession where there is a recruitment problem, salary increases are proposed to attract candidates. Why should it be different for nurse professionals?

Robots may be taking over from many professionals in the near-future but will not be replacing nurses any time soon. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.