Fairy forts and dips in the road

Sir, – I wonder if the fairies only had two or three glasses of stout when they had their fun creating the hollows in the N22 or was it something less creditable like geology that caused them to form? – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.


Sir, – So the fact that Danny Healy-Rae would not upset the fairies is considered to be newsworthy ("Danny Healy-Rae claims fairy forts caused dip in Kerry Road", Front page, August 8th). Certainly from the point of the need of politicians for publicity the expressed opinion has worked admirably. It serves also to get up the noses of "them up in Dublin", which always goes down well with a significant number of his constituents. It is a lot safer than holding and expressing radical views on issues such as sex and religion, as recent events have shown.

I recall the embarrassment of the establishment at the refusal many years ago of local workmen to demolish such a structure on the site of the Ferenka factory in Limerick. We all know that that ended well, proving that the views held by Mr Healy-Rae are nonsense. – Yours, etc,