US fireman fined €1,000 for 'air rage' incident


An American fireman who admitted air rage offences on board a transatlantic jet was fined €600 at Dublin District Court this morning.

He was also directed to pay €400 expenses.

John Tutor (37) from Chicago, was said to have punched an air steward, used foul language and made sexual remarks to other passengers on an Aer Lingus flight which arrived in Dublin on Sunday.

Tutor was travelling to meet his Tipperary-born wife and two children, who had flow to Ireland ahead of him.

But half an hour into the flight from Chicago, he became abusive and had eventually be restrained by passenger and two crew members.

He spent the rest of the seven-hour flight handcuffed and strapped to his seat - but continued to be abusive.

Mr Philip Hammond, defending Tutor, told the court that the firefighter was very remorseful and ashamed of his behaviour.

He had worked a double shift in order to get to Ireland before Christmas, and was suffering from serious lack of sleep.

Tutor was also said to have a fear of flying and to have had a few drinks to steady his nerves before the flight. He attributed the combination of alcohol and sleep-deprivation as a reason for his inexcusable behaviour.

He had apologised to Aer Lingus staff and police for his behaviour, before his court appearance, and said he was very ashamed and remorseful.

District Justice William Hamill said that in imposing the sentence - which followed a court appearance by the fireman yesterday - he was taking account of the fact that Tutor had been in police custody since his arrival in Ireland.

Tutor was ordered to pay the airline's costs.