Family did not eat for two days while trying to pay mortgage


THE PLIGHT of a Co Westmeath family who have been keeping up their mortgage repayments at the cost of electricity and food has been highlighted by a Fine Gael Senator.

Nicky McFadden said politicians have become “disconnected from the people” who are suffering unbearable hardship while the Government bails out the banks.

She said the family, who she met while canvassing in her constituency, were “living from hand to mouth”, adding that theirs was not an isolated incident.

“They couldn’t pay their ESB bill, they hadn’t eaten for two days . . . yet they were keeping up their mortgage repayments . . . They spoke about their terror of losing their home.

“This was the biggest anxiety in the world,” Ms McFadden said.

“There needs to be more of a bailout of the people who are struggling to pay their mortgages.

“Instead we are bailing out the banks and not bailing out the people who have paid taxes their entire lives.” The Senator accused members of the Oireachtas of only thinking about “their own self-preservation”. John Monaghan, vice-president of St Vincent de Paul said more and more people were being “pushed into poverty”.

“Sadly story isn’t that untypical and with the budget next week and the four-year national plan people are going to be worse off as is evidenced by all the people who are already coming to us for help.”

Mr Monaghan added that St Vincent de Paul had given out €33 million in direct help to families last year.