Get Active: Yoga

Look into each form of yoga to see what really suits you


Explain it to me: So you want to take up yoga? Are you going for Ashtanga? Vinyasa? Hot or Hatha? Despite the promise of zen, yoga can be daunting before you even see the Sanskrit for the Downward Dog. Despite this, getting started is easy and most of us have a rolled-up yoga mat gathering dust (thank you TK Maxx). But if you want to stick with it and learn technique that will strengthen your body and improve your flexibility, do some research.

Where do I start: Look into each form of yoga to see what really suits you. For me, hot yoga is just too hot in the morning – there is no end to the sweating. I struggle to be mindful in a Hatha class. But Vinyasa has just the right amount of movement to keep me concentrating. Pick a form that appeals to you and find a local class with a schedule that works for you. Look for small class sizes.

Costs: To start you only need comfortable clothing and a mat. Class prices range from €10-€16 per class, depending on how you book and where you are in the country. Try at least one drop-in class before block-booking. Online, access classes by yoga guru to the celebs Tracey Anderson for $90 (about €80) a month for live and archive classes. There are hundreds of other yoga offerings online. Pick sites that offer one-on-one video classes and anytime streaming.

Top tips: Practising yoga and yoga philosophy is about finding balance – figuratively and literally. If you are using a place that offers different classes, shake it up once a fortnight and take a class that’s different from your norm.