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Your morning briefing: 11,000 gardaí start industrial action in roster row, while barristers strike over legal aid fees

Trump threatened with fines of $250m, RTÉ and Ticketmaster ‘among worst for customer experience’ while McIlroy and Lowry say absence of LIV players let young stars shine at Ryder Cup

Your Morning Briefing

Garda management prepared to compel officers to work overtime if required amid rosters dispute

Garda management is prepared to order members to work overtime if required and has assured the Government the ongoing industrial dispute will not have any major impact on frontline policing.

From Tuesday, members of the Garda Representative Association (GRA), which represents 11,000 members of the near 14,000-strong force, will refuse to undertake voluntary overtime.

This will continue every Tuesday until November 10th, when members will withdraw service entirely for the day, a strike in all but name.

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  • Ireland in advance of Budget 2024: Booming but with creaking infrastructure: Ireland is booming, thanks to the impact of global tech. So you might expect Brendan, the managing director of a US-owned software development and IT centre in the country’s southeast, to be a happy man. Instead he is worried about recruiting and retaining staff in a country whose creaking infrastructure is not keeping pace with its wealth. Take housing. While the cost of living outside the capital is cheaper than in Dublin, Brendan – who asked for his real name not to be used – finds staff struggle to relocate because there are only a handful of properties for rent in the entire county where his firm is based, writes Jude Webber from the Financial Times.

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Sir, – The Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use now has just one meeting left before it concludes. It should really have been called the Citizens’ Assembly on Addiction and Recovery because that’s all it’s been about. Out of more than 100 hours of testimony, just seven minutes were given to a presentation about regulation of the cannabis market, the drug that most people come into contact with. The focus should have been on the reason the assembly was called in the first place, how to reform our outdated drug laws which harass and criminalise the 90 per cent of non-problematic users and make it almost impossible for the 10 per cent with problems to recover.


The witnesses that the chair, Paul Reid, has called to give evidence are almost exclusively from the HSE, the Civil Service and publicly funded treatment services. Establishment voices, with few exceptions, except for disproportionate time given to harrowing testimony of those suffering from problematic use, a tiny cohort, massively over-represented. This has been a huge missed opportunity to develop a new drugs policy that is fit for purpose in the 21st century. Would any Government that was serious about change have appointed the ex-CEO of the HSE as chair, a man inextricably linked with the failed policies of the past? – Yours, etc,

PETER REYNOLDS, Knocknagoshel, Co Kerry.

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  • ‘Chaos, conflict and creativity’: The extraordinary life of Garech Browne: If you wanted to sum up the life of Garech Browne, the founder of Claddagh Records, “chaos, conflict and creativity” would be about right, according to James Morrissey. “Garech could be as erratic as he was eccentric,” Morrissey says. “Claddagh Records was a precarious project which defied business norms. And Garech loved it all the more for that.” Morrissey, the label’s chairman, has just written Real to Reel, a book about the late Guinness heir, whose larger-than-life persona included legendary parties at Luggala, his 5,000-acre estate in Co Wicklow, and whose social circle included Samuel Beckett, Patrick Kavanagh, Pablo Picasso and Lucian Freud, writes Siobhán Long.

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