Thom Moore: Seven Things Aloom

Fri, Jun 7, 2013, 00:00


Seven Things Aloom

Thom Moore

Silverwood Music


The self-described “wordy thing” finally releases a new solo CD, some 18 years after his last foray, Gorgeous & Bright. Thom Moore brings his American folk sensibilities to bear on a sprawling range of meditations. Philosophical in tone and loose in shape, Seven Things Aloom takes as its reference points the mysteries of the universe and the intimacies of human relationships. In other words, pitch-perfect miniature snapshots of life in all its unpredictable mayhem. The collection could have benefited from sharper editing – it clocks in with 17 tracks and some odd tuning on Cavan Girl. But there’s a timeless quality to it, and Moore surrounds himself with solid accompanists and arrangers (Gavin Ralston, Brian Connor, Fiachra Trench) who generously serve his lateral-thinking, wistful preoccupations.
Download: Lad No Longer, Why Clouds