The Rolling Stones at Croke Park: Everything you need to know

Tickets, weather, timing, traffic and access for the Rolling Stones ‘No Filter’ Irish concert

Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts from The Rolling Stones will kick off their "No Filter" tour at Croke Park this Thursday May 17th. After that they will fly to UK to continue the tour which includes London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

Never mind what the cynics say – we all love to wallow occasionally in the comfort blanket of the familiar. It makes a difference, however, if the songs you have heard many hundreds of times over the decades are any good.

Given that the core part of Rolling Stones’ sets over the past 30 years have been culled from the band’s chart-friendly years (between 1963 and 1981 they had more than 20 UK Top 10 singles) quality is guaranteed.

The hits from the 1960s and 1970s, in particular, have virtually mythologised the band, and for that period it was as if they could do no wrong. The advent of punk rock in 1976 didn’t necessarily do them any damage, either, due to their proto-punk, anti-social stance from the previous decade.


From jail time, drug busts, cross-dressing, misogynistic characteristics and sexualised lyrics (Honky Tonk Women's "she tried to take me upstairs for a ride" had a particular out-of-reach piquancy for the male Irish teenager in 1969), there was something justifiably edgy if not uneasy about the Rolling Stones.

We now have the same core band – grandfathers and great-grandfathers – performing for the umpteenth time the same songs that made them famous so many years ago. If writers, poets, actors and film directors can continue their work in their 70s, then perhaps we should no longer view pop music as the complete preserve of people under the age of 30.

Here’s the essential information about this week’s concert.

Are tickets still available?

Yes. A limited number of tickets are available from Ticketmaster outlets nationwide (, and some may be available at the box office on the day. Ticketmaster is the official ticket seller for this event. All tickets submitted for inspection will be scanned. Don't fall victim to bogus ticket sellers or unofficial sources. Anyone presenting a bogus ticket will be refused entry. Tickets range in price from €90 to €750..

What time does everything kick off?

5pm on Thursday May 17th, in Croke Park, Dublin.

So we can get there really early and hang around until gates open?

No. Early queuing is not permitted in the streets around Croke Park. This is a residential area, and ticket holders are asked to respect the privacy of the residents and the local community.

Is there a support act?

Each date on the No Filter tour has a support act, ranging from Liam Gallagher in London (May 22nd) to The Kooks in Berlin (June 22nd). Dublin’s support is Westmeath band, The Academic, who will be on stage from 7pm.

How do I get there?

Croke Park in Dublin 3 is bordered by Clonliffe Road, Ballybough Road and the North Circular Road. The promoters strongly advise gig-goers to use public transport. Bus, Rail, Dart and Luas transport options will bring you within 15 minutes' walk of the stadium. Planning your journey online from anywhere in Ireland to Croke Park can be achieved via the Croke Park Journey Planner ( Good tip: The extension of the Luas Green Line from the south of the city to O'Connell Street and Parnell Street is very close to Croke Park. Visit,, and for further information on public transport.

Is there a traffic management plan?

Roads surrounding Croke Park will be closed or restricted to resident access before and after the concert. Please follow the direction of gardaí and security staff. Visit for full details, or see below.

Pre-concert plan: Concertgoers are advised not to enter Jones Road/Russell Street (unless they hold a Hogan Stand or Premium ticket) and not to congregate in the vicinity of Croke Park Hotel, as this causes obstruction to crowd movement. Gardaí will move waiting persons in this area. Use coloured routes outlined on Croke Park/Aiken websites to access the stadium. Arrange meeting points at a distance away from Jones Road.

Post-concert plan: Concert goers exiting the Hogan Stand will be directed to exit by a planned route onto Jones Road. People are requested not to congregate in the vicinity of Croke Park Hotel as this causes a serious obstruction to crowd movement in that area. Gardaí will move waiting persons in this area.

People exiting via Clonliffe Road and via North Circular Road are asked by gardaí not enter onto Jones Road or Russell Street. Please arrange to meet friends at a place a distance away from Jones Road.

Traffic restrictions: Barriers will be erected at the following locations at 3pm Thursday, May 17th. Only authorised traffic will be permitted to access.

  • North Circular Road/Russell Street.
  • Lower Drumcondra Road/Whitworth Place.
  • Lower Drumcondra Road/Fitzroy Avenue.
  • Clonliffe Road/Jones Road.
  • Clonliffe Road/St Joseph's Avenue.
  • Clonliffe Road/St James Avenue.
  • Ballybough Road/Foster Terrace.
  • Ballybough Road/Sackville Avenue.
  • Ballybough Road/Clonliffe Avenue A.
  • Ballybough Road/Clonliffe Avenue B.
  • Ballybough Road/Ballybough Bridge.

In addition to the above, barriers will also be erected at the following locations at 4pm Thursday, May 17th, thereby closing the remainder of streets to form full Garda cordon.

  • Clonliffe Road.
  • Lower Drumcondra Road/Clonliffe Road.
  • Ballybough Road/Clonliffe Road.
  • North Circular Road/Belvedere Avenue.
  • North Circular Road/Lower Sherrard Street.
  • North Circular Road/Portland Street.
  • Lower Drumcondra Rd/Binns Bridge.
  • Lower Drumcondra Road/Clonliffe College entry laneway.
  • North Circular Road/North Charles Street/ Mountjoy Parade.
  • North Circular Road/Richmond Street North.
  • North Circular Road/St Margaret's Avenue.
  • Mountjoy Square East/Fitzgibbon Street.
  • North Circular Road will close at 7pm at North Circular Road/North Charles Street and North Circular Road/Belvedere Road. Traffic will be diverted around this section of North Circular Road.

The following road closures will be implemented in order to restrict all traffic movement into Mountjoy Square, and allow for traffic flows in both directions on North Circular Road. The closures outlined will be removed where a decision to close North Circular Road is required.

  • Gardiner Street/Mountjoy Square North.
  • Gardiner Street/Mountjoy Square South.
  • Gardiner Street/Belvedere Court.

What about security?

As with all events of this size, security will be of paramount importance. Security staff are there for your protection, and to help, so if you need any help at any point throughout the event, don’t hesitate to ask them. The promoters ask you to co-operate with the security staff, as their job is to make the evening go as smoothly as possible for all Rolling Stones fans.

Gig-goers are asked to help themselves and security personnel by travelling light (ticket, phone, cash/card). If you have to bring along a bag, please remember that it needs to be no bigger than A5 size (11.45cm x 15.25cm or 4.5 in x 6.0in), which is approximately paperback book size, enough to carry some money, cards, phone, and essentials such as inhalers, etc. Bags over A5 size will not be permitted. People without bags will be fast-tracked.

Bags of A5 size and under will be subject to a search, which will result in unnecessary queueing. All patrons will be subject to a respectful but efficient “pat-down” search before being admitted to the venue.

Any article that may be used as a weapon, any person deemed to be offensive or abusive or who may compromise public safety, will not be admitted and be reported to the Garda.

What can I bring into the venue?

Only cameras smaller than A5 size will be allowed. Video recorders will not be allowed. Only small banners of either A4 or A3 size will be permitted into the venue, as anything larger can obstruct the views of other gig goers.

Prohibited articles and items include: professional cameras and recording devices (this applies to cameras that have detachable lenses), bottles, glass vessels, cans, flasks, frisbees and similar, dangerous or hazardous illegal substances, skateboards or other skates, flag poles, selfie sticks, flares, laser devices, prams/push chairs, inflatable and folding chairs, large suitcases/rucksacks, laptops, illegal merchandise items, umbrellas, hampers and cold boxes, airhorns, alcohol, drinks, food and animals (except service dogs and guide dogs).

And the weather?

Met Éireann predicts a dry day with some sunny periods earlier. Highest temperatures of 12 to 16 degrees, coolest on Leinster coasts with onshore easterlies. Evening temperatures are predicted to be 11-13 degrees and winds light. You know the drill by know – because this is Ireland, you are advised to dress accordingly.

What about under-16s?

People under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian who will remain with them and take full responsibility for them throughout the concert. People under the age of 14 are not allowed on the pitch either accompanied or unaccompanied. Anyone aged 14-16 years with pitch standing tickets must be accompanied by an adult to gain access to the pitch standing area.

Free “tag-a-child” safety wristbands (white in colour) will be available at all the customer care points both outside and inside the venue. Parents and/or guardians attending with young children are encouraged to avail of these wristbands, which have space to write a contact phone number and ticket seat number. The purpose of these wristbands is to help reunite children with parents and/or guardians should they become separated from you within the venue.

What time will the Rolling Stones be on stage?

Anytime from 8.30 onwards. The show is scheduled to finish at approximately 10.45pm.

What are they likely to play?

Croke Park is the first show on the summer run of the band’s No Filter tour, so there is no advance setlist. This doesn’t mean it’s a guessing game, however, as to what the majority of the set will comprise. There isn’t a new album to promote, so expect a rake of some of the band’s best-known songs from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.