Uniphar to acquire US healthcare communications company for $27m

Strategic deal for Diligent Health Solutions will boost Uniphar’s US presence

Healthcare services company Uniphar has acquired US-based healthcare communications company Diligent Health Solutions for up to $27 million (€23.1 million) as it builds market presence in North America.

Uniphar said the acquisition would be “highly complementary” to its business and would help build connectivity between clients and key healthcare stakeholders through the provision of communication technologies.

The US group, which employs 80 people, focuses on the delivery of medical information to patients, healthcare practitioners and payors.

The deal will also accelerate Uniphar’s access to a highly trained industry workforce and a high-tech communications infrastructure


Based out of Philadelphia and Virginia, the company will also help Uniphar build its position in the product access and commercial and clinical sectors.

"The acquisition of US-based Diligent Health Solutions, with its combination of highly trained people and enhanced contact centre technologies will further extend Uniphar's relationships with our US client base," said Ger Rabbette, Uniphar chief executive.


“Our organisation is excited about the role telehealth will play in adding value to our global expanded access offering and creates positive revenue synergy opportunities across both of our commercial and our clinical and product access divisions.”

Uniphar will pay $10 million (€8.5 million) up front for the business, with the remainder of the price linked to earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation performance over four years.

"Having built strong relationships with the management team over many years, Diligent HealthSolutions are fully convinced of the cross-selling opportunities and cultural fit with the Uniphar group," said Mary Anne Greenberg, chief executive of Diligent Health Solutions.

“We would only have considered selling to an organisation who is fully committed to making further investments in our infrastructure to allow our team to maximise their true potential.

“The growth projection of both businesses over the last number of years has been exceptional, which we believe is down to the common focus of always doing the right thing for our employees and customer.”

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist