IDA launches new post-Brexit advertising, media campaign

International initiative expected to cost up to €700,000

The first of the IDA’s new print advertisements.

The first of the IDA’s new print advertisements.


The IDA has launched a new international advertising and media campaign promoting Ireland as an investment location in the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote.

The campaign, which has been kicked off with a 30-second video promoting attributes such as the State’s 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate, draws on the extra €500,000 the Government allocated to the IDA for promotional work in September as post-Brexit opportunities came into focus.

It is now thought that this allocation will rise to around €700,000 when all of the IDA’s Brexit-related promotional activity is included.

IDA's new 'Right Place Right Time' video


“Competition for foreign investment has never been as intense and campaigns like this will help IDA Ireland increase awareness of Ireland’s suitability as a place to invest, said IDA chief executive, Martin Shanahan.

“IDA Ireland will compete for any mobile investment that results from Brexit.”

The new ‘Right Place Right Time’ video, produced by Irish International, features a number of urban landscapes and, as well as highlighting the corporation tax rate, points out that 33 per cent of the population is under 25. It will run on CNBC in the US and the UK, while the campaign will also fund associated print and online advertisements in titles including the Financial Times, the Economist and the New York Times.