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Robin Gill’s DIY doner kebab

I love a doner. A few years ago my wife and I decided to change our dietary habits and get healthy, but we didn’t want to just eat carrots and quinoa,(...)

Butter: There’s terroir in the pastures; technique in the churning; magic in the addition of bacteria cultures and (optional) flavours. Photograph: Getty Images

It sounded like another fad – like the cereal cafe in east London, or the crisp bar in Soho. “This Colorado bistro is the world’s first butter bar,” r(...)

Soaking fish in brine before hanging it results in ‘incredible eating’ says Robin Gill. Photograph: iStock

In June the chef Jim Fuller caused something of a foodie firestorm when he announced that we have all been cooking mushrooms the wrong way. Convention(...)

Richie Corrigan

High profile new restaurant openings headed by Irish teams, and the growing success of family-run firms, are dominant features of the Murphia List 202(...)

Laoise Dempsey attended Cooks Academy in Dublin 2. She now runs Doran Vinum, a pop-up wine bar in LaptopLab on George’s Street.

Anyone with a vague interest in food has probably discussed what cafe or restaurant they would like to run if they had the chance. But when it comes t(...)

 Richard Corrigan at his Irish estate Virginia Park Lodge  in Co Cavan. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Richard Corrigan, the London-based Irish chef and restaurateur, has bought the premises formerly operated as Nuala, an Irish restaurant in Shoreditch,(...)

Robin Gill at work in the kitchen at Darby’s. Photograph:  Paul Winch-Furness;

THE CHEF: ROBIN GILL The restaurant: Darby’s, Embassy Gardens High above Darby’s, Robin Gill’s new restaurant in London and his fourth in the city, a(...)

‘Time moves very quickly, it’s a very exciting city,’ says the London resident chef Robin Gill. Photograph: Jamie Lau / John Lewis Partnership

Robin Gill is one of Ireland’s top chefs. He has three restaurants in London, including the acclaimed The Dairy in Clapham and will open his next in N(...)

Too many chefs? Find out when Andy McFadden (left) and Robin Gill share the kitchen at Glovers Alley on Wednesday for a collaborative menu

Chefs Robin Gill and Andy McFadden are teaming up in the kitchen of Glovers Alley in Dublin 2 on Wednesday evening to collaborate on a four-course men(...)

The Big Grill  festival gets underway today in Herbert Park, Dublin 4, and runs until Sunday

Smoke is rising over Herbert Park in Dublin 4 as The Big Grill, billed as Europe’s largest barbecue festival, gets underway. Gates opened at noon on T(...)

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