New report heavily criticises Diageo-led alcohol awareness campaign

College View: A recently published report determined that the Diageo funded Stop-Out-Of-Control-Drinking campaign, meets the needs of the alcohol industry, rather than public health in Ireland.

The report was published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS ONE), an international journal that focuses on science and medicine. It was written and researched by six health academics in UCC, London and Stirling, Scotland.
President of DCU, Brian MacCraith is one of the original 17 members of the board of the campaign. 
SOOCD was set up by Diageo, the multinational alcohol company, who invested €1 million into the campaign. Fergus Finlay, Chief Executive of Barnardo’s chairs the campaign. David Smith, Chief Executive of Diageo resigned from the campaign following an array of negative media coverage of the campaign. However, Diageo did not pull their funding. 
A statement released by DCU said that “Professor Brian MacCraith joined the board of the Stop Out of Control Drinking Campaign, along with other respected community leaders, in a serious effort to address the very real and pervasive issue of alcohol abuse and misuse in Ireland.”
However, President MacCraith was unavailable for comment regarding the critique released this week.
The report lists the campaign’s board members, their role, backgrounds and previous connections with Diageo, along with how many interviews each have participated in relating to the campaign. Six of the original members have connections to the drinks company.
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