Wolves are first club to begin Premier League testing plan

Premier League begins its testing procedure in advance of a potential resumption

More than 10 members of Wolverhampton Wanderers' backroom staff were swabbed for Covid-19 on Monday as the Premier League began its testing procedure in advance of a potential resumption of matches.

Wolves are the first club to undergo the procedure. The nose and mouth swabs were performed by Premier League-appointed medics at a drive-through station in the club's training ground in Compton, with the specimens delivered to a laboratory in London for analysis. The results will be sent to Wolves' doctor Matt Perry, who served as a medical adviser to the Premier League for four years before Wolves' promotion in 2018.

The plan is to test players later this week and at regular intervals thereafter.

Wolves players returned to Compton on Monday for the first time since the league was suspended in March. Having been keeping fit at home since then, they arrived at different times and trained individually on separate pitches.


Wolves were not one of the clubs whose doctors wrote to the Premier League last week expressing major concerns about a potential resumption of the league.

- Guardian