Murder in a Dublin flat - the sad life and shocking death of Tony Dempsey

The tragic discovery of a body in a Dublin flat uncovers some uncomfortable truths

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The killing of Tony Dempsey in a flat in Dublin’s north inner city last week was shocking on many levels.

Having spent much of his childhood in care homes and at least some of his adult life in prison, the 28-year-old victim had few chances in his short life.

He had lived a transitory existence, moving from home to home dozens of times over the last decade, a decade which was blighted by drink and drugs .

His life ended with a savage beating earlier this month.


The fact that his body was left decomposing in the flat for longer than a week as people came and went only compounded the tragedy and posed many questions.

How and why did Tony Dempsey die? How could such a thing happen in a flat being managed by the widely respected and very experienced Peter McVerry Trust? And, of course, who was responsible for his killing?

There were other questions too about the complexity of homelessness and how vulnerable people can struggle to overcome the obstacles life throws in their path.

Irish Times Security and Crime Editor Conor Lally and Irish Times reporter Jade Wilson talk to In The News about the death of Tony Dempsey and circumstances surrounding it.

Conor Pope

Conor Pope

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