Wrong direction

Sir, – Tom Kelly, in his Brexit analogy, makes much of the need for drivers to exercise judgement and common sense in order to avoid an impasse on the single-track road between Ventry and Dunquin in Kerry ("Brexit: no one should loose livelihood to spare British PM's blushes", Opinion & Analysis, September 20th).

I’ve driven that road more times than I can remember, and it always strikes me that drivers don’t always observe the sensible approach of giving way to vehicles driving up the hill on either side. It’s always easier for the driver heading down to set off again, while the driver heading up has to perform a hill-start.

This raises the obvious question as to who is driving up and who is driving down in UK/EU negotiations.

I’m inclined to offer the old Irish adage when asked for directions, “I wouldn’t start from here if I were you”. – Yours, etc,