Shannon-Erne canal may be a victim of Brexit


Sir, – Further to your letters on Brexit and the Border, I would like to draw attention to the fate of the Shannon-Erne canal. The development of this waterways link has been one of the unsung benefits of the Belfast Agreement.

It opens up thousands of miles of navigable waterways in the Republic and Northern Ireland. You can travel by boat from Limerick to Enniskillen by water. The beauty of this waterway system is incredible, and has to be seen to be believed.

The difficulty is that for part of the waterway between Ballyconnell and Upper Lough Erne the waterway is the actual Border.

I find it impossible to imagine any solution to a hard Border that will allow the waterway to continue as it is at present.

The Shannon-Erne canal is a modern waterway system with electronic locks and shower and toilet facilities operated by a smart-card system. Recently it has been developed as a Blue way canoe trail. Walkways and bicycle trails are being developed.

It is used by boat enthusiasts from North and South, as well as many visitors from Europe and further afield. A highlight for me was a trip from Ballinamore to Enniskillen to attend the Beckett festival.

We are throwing away not only an amazing all-Ireland resource, but an unsurpassed European resource also.

I urge anyone who has not visited this area to get up there as quickly as you can before it disappears, and bring Leo, Theresa, Arlene and any other influential person with you. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 9.