Schools and faith formation


A chara, – It seems to be a feature of modern discourse that the advocates of particular agendas feel that all they need to do is to incorporate the word “equality” into their list of demands, or whatever name they have chosen to give themselves, in order for them to be granted instant and unimpeachable legitimacy. Take for example this new group styling itself “Education Equality” (December 31st). It feels entitled to dictate to the Minister, the Government, and the nation what educational equality consists of. Funnily enough, it accords precisely with its own list of preferences; without a hint of irony it presents a vision of equality where the rights and views of all others are pushed to the side and only theirs should be given any consideration. And, naturally enough, it expects its demands to be complied with. Why wouldn’t it? It is called “Education Equality”; therefore to oppose it is to oppose equality. However, in my opinion what it advocates is only to be considered equality if the word is now to be defined as meaning whatever any new pressure group wants it to mean in the course of achieving its goals. This group would be better styled, “A tiny group of people with media backing who wish to see their agenda given pride of place in our educational system even if that mean riding rough-shod over the rights of others”. It might not be as catchy or as useful in quelling opposition as the one it has chosen, but it would be far more accurate. – Is mise,


Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny.