Religious services and the law

Sir, – Now that the Government is giving careful consideration to the reopening of places of worship on May 4th, can it truly be said that “The End is Nigh”? – Yours, etc,



Co Kerry.


Sir, – The doors of churches have been open for private prayer only during Level 5. Some parishes have online services but not everybody is up to date with such technology.

We can meet strangers in shopping centres, banks and post offices, yet we are unable to meet people who were part of our lives before the pandemic in churches, which are also public places!

When churches were open during the first part of the Government’s roadmap, individual parishes and cathedrals took great care to observe safety for worshippers with social spacing and contact information.

The former Dean of St Patrick's is be credited for raising this subject (Letters, April 21st). Can those in authority – Government and health advisers – realise a holistic approach is needed? They should also consider the people of the nation and their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. And allow people to attend religious services again. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 12.