Proposed speeding law changes


Sir, – If, as Minister for Transport Shane Ross indicates, speeding must be further “tackled” to make our roads safer, then the integrity of speed limits, in the consistency and uniformity of how they are set and when and where they are applied, has to be greatly enhanced.

For example, even the most careful of drivers can be compromised having crossed a county boundary where road structure and conditions are exactly the same but where, without reason or immediate indication, the speed limit has reduced.

One can also cite the irregularity of speed limits as applied in housing estates.

Such anomalies need attention and coordination both within and between local authorities, preferably not requiring further new law and consequent enforcement resources, often a limiting factor on the best of law.

Homogeneity in setting and administering speed limits, complemented with a regularity in the distance interval between speed-limit indicators, will generate a peremptory mindset and foster driver intuition that can only lead to further reduction in road accident injuries and fatalities. – Yours, etc,