Pensions and paying the rent

Sir, – The solution to enabling low-paid workers to be able to pay their rent in their retirement is not to take even more money from their paltry salaries in additional mandatory pension deductions, but for the Government to structure the rental market such that rents being sought match the ability of a retired worker to pay ("Auto-enrolment pension for private sector workers to cost ¤3 billion over 10 years", News, March 29th).

This might be better achieved by politicians taking a long-term view of the rental market.

Housing built to today’s standards should, if maintained, last hundreds of years. Government investing in public rental housing and not selling it off can enable it to create a public rental market which can match the ability of tenants to pay their rent in their retirement and also create long-term stability in the rental market.

All it takes is a change of mindset by politicians. – Yours, etc,




Co Carlow.

Sir, – In effect, the Government is telling us that it is incapable of solving the housing crisis or has no intention of solving it. At least we now know the truth. – Yours, etc,