Parking problems

Sir, – As an occasional user of multistorey and hospital car parks, I am continually frustrated by the delays caused to myself and other motorists at the entrance barrier.

Initially, I wonder what is delaying the drivers in front of me, until it is my turn to approach the barrier.

This involves driving as close as possible to the ticket machine in order to press the button to get a ticket.

However, having opened my window, sod’s law ensures that I am too far away to reach the button. The next step entails undoing my seat belt, making sure the car is not in gear as I remove my foot from the clutch and stretching out the window to press the button and wait, half-suspended out the window until the ticket is dispensed.


Next, the barrier lifts, but I cannot proceed until I am back in the seat and have fastened my seat-belt, thus delaying the driver behind.

Surely some inventive person could redesign the machines so that the button and ticket slot could protrude out about half an arm’s length from the body of the machine, thus ensuring faster entry – and equally a faster exit at the far end? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.