No match for the haka?


Sir, – In response to Myles McSwiney’s call (November 16th) for an adequate response to the haka, perhaps the Irish team should simply continue with their warm-up while the New Zealanders perform their dance. To paraphrase the apocryphal Eamon de Valera quote, we defeat the haka by ignoring it. – Yours, etc,


Charlesland Wood,


Co Wicklow.

Sir, – Myles McSwiney seeks an antidote to the New Zealand haka (November 16th). May I suggest the Irish team perform the finale from Riverdance as this would surely would surely antagonise the opposition. It certainly does me! – Yours, etc,


Rosses Point Road,


Sir, – The only way to intimidate the All-Blacks (Myles McSwiney, November 16th) is to reveal our newly imposed Germanic identity. The team should burst into song, namely, Erika, (as gaeilge of course, as a sop to the past). It could be accompanied by the spoons – wooden, no doubt. – Yours, etc,


Monalea Park,


Dublin 24.

Sir, – Regarding Myles McSwiney’s request (November 16th) for suggestions to neutralise the grisly haka of the All Blacks, may I mention that Frank McNally in An Irishman’s Diary on the same page has pointed a way forward.

Why not have the Irish rugby team marching onto the field chanting Dominic Behan’s song McAlpine’s Fusiliers, making imaginary shovel movements to some Riverdance choreography.

The Irish labourers who invaded Britain in the 1950s were indeed the men who built Britain.

Failing that, after our pathetic performance against Australia, why not have our players walk barefoot onto the Aviva pitch with either a Rosary or a Bible (or both!). – Yours, etc,


My Lady’s Mile,

Holywood, Co Down.