Brexit calls for greater North-South co-operation

Sir, – I welcome your publication of Newton Emerson’s article (“Mapping of Belfast accord veers off course”, Opinion, June 27th) and of Andy Pollak’s letter “North-South co-operation” (July 3rd). It should now be clear that the case for the interventions under the protocol to support North-South co-operation is falling apart.

However, far from Brexit signalling a decline in co-operation as Andy Pollak fears, it surely requires its increase to ensure that current cross-Border co-operation is maintained and the benefits of cross-Border trade, services and movement are secured. The alternative to the protocol is further and deeper North-South co-operation between Belfast and Dublin – agriculture and animal health are devolved powers – and between London and Dublin to avoid a hard border.

All of this could be managed under the 1998 Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement and its institutions. Brexit would thus result in more and deeper co-operation North-South and East-West but in a way that is democratically accountable and that strengthens the 1998 agreement by actually making use of it.

Meanwhile, as the risk of “no deal” looms large, we stand ready to engage but is the Taoiseach listening? – Yours, etc,



Democratic Unionist — Lagan Valley,

Lisburn, Co Antrim.