Van der Post was my Father - woman


SIR LAURENS van der Post, who died last Monday at his London home, aged 90, seduced a 14 year old girl and later denied he was the father of her child, it was claimed yesterday.

Ms Cari Mostert (42) told the Mail on Sunday that her mothers was seduced by Sir Laurens, a married man more than three times her age, after her family had entrusted her to his care.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Mrs Mostert's aunt Fleur who says she herself had been secretly engaged to Sir Laurens five years before Cari was born is scathing about the man who was revered for his approach to life "To this day I think of him as a hypocrite and a downright liars and my heart goes out to poor Cari.

Sir Laurens, who went with Prince Charles on several expeditions to Africa, was born on his parents farm in South Africa and found fame as a writer in London in his 20s. After service with the British army in the second World? War, during which he was tortured in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, he became Lord Mountbatten's military political officer in, Java.