TUI branch calls for Begg's resignation


A branch of the Teachers' Union of Ireland (TUI) has today called for the resignation of Ictu general secretary David Begg.

A statement today from Teachers United, a group of grassroots activists, said the Dublin City Post Primary branch of the TUI has called for Mr Begg's resignation and has passed a motion of no confidence in the Ictu executive council.

The branch also passed a motion stating: "This branch is alarmed at the lack of protest by the Ictu against the pension levy and the income tax increases for ordinary working people that are being proposed in the forthcoming mini budget.

"The branch commits itself to organising a lobby and delegation of the Ictu calling for urgent action against the pension levy."

Paddy Healy, chairman of the National Public Service Alliance, said: "This is an indication of the extreme frustration on the part of public sector workers at the lack of action on the part of Ictu and at Ictu's tacit acceptance of the pensions levy and cutbacks."

"The Ictu Executive Council have no authority to call off the strike on 30 March, all Ictu can do is recommend. The decision is up to individual unions," Mr Healy said.

However, in a statement, TUI general secretary Peter MacMenamin said the union had received no information from any branch in relation to motions passed relating to the current situation, adding the TUI had no connection with Teachers United nor the National Public Service Alliance.

Mr MacMenamin said, in light of Ictu's deferment of the day of action, the union's executive committee would meet this evening to consider the situation.