Three armed Afghans killed in north-east Iran


Three Afghan "bandits" were killed in clashes with the security forces in Iran's north-eastern Khorassan province, the daily Qodsnewspaper reported today.

An official from the Taybod neighbourhood was quoted by the paper as saying "these bandits who entered Iranian territory to carry out kidnappings were killed after five hours of clashes."

Quantities of drugs, a rocket launcher and two guns were seized during the operation.

Three other Afghans were killed Thursday on the province's border with Afganistan.

Iran is a transit route for drugs coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan for onshipment to Europe, central Asia and the Gulf, applies the death penalty against anyone caught in possession of more than 30 grammes of heroin or five kilos of opium.

Over the last 20 years, 3,100 Iranian police officers have died in the fight against drug trafficking.