Statement by Congregations


Statement from the 18 congregations involved in the Ryan report:“The leaders of the 18 congregations involved in the Ryan Report met again in Dublin today (Friday). They are available to meet with an Taoiseach to explore the most effective and most appropriate ongoing response to former residents of institutions.

“We are committed as individual congregations to make contributions which can offer further support and assistance to former residents. The details of what is required will be discussed at our meetings with An Taoiseach and his representatives.

“Individual congregations are charities and all of us have ongoing service, support and trustee responsibilities to a wide range of services and ministries on this island and elsewhere.

“Our current deliberations will consider these responsibilities in the overall context of the challenges now before us – and which we are determined to meet with generosity and ongoing commitment.

“Today’s discussions centred on the findings and recommendations of the Ryan report and the horrific accounts presented by individual former residents about their lives in care.   “Children were abused and not listened to and we are ashamed that many of us failed them in different ways. We once again deeply apologise to those who were abused and ask for their forgiveness.

“As religious congregations, we are examining the findings and recommendations of the Ryan report in its challenge to the deficiencies which existed generally and especially in our failures in our duty of care to children.

“We are currently and we will continue to examine this fundamental issue in the context of the past, the present and the future.”