Homeless charity to double housing provision in Limerick

Peter McVerry Trust to provide 100 units over the next 18 months

The Peter McVerry Trust has announced it is to double its housing provision in Limerick to 100 units over the next 18 months.

The homeless charity, which set up its midwest regional office in Limerick city in December 2016, has 50 housing units across the city and county.

The trust also announced on Monday that it would develop further its education and employment activation supports, aimed at young people at risk or impacted by homelessness.

Chief executive Pat Doyle said working in partnership with the broader business community was vital to helping those on the margins.


“Peter McVerry Trust is an optimistic and solution-focused organisation concentrating on ways to identify employment pathways, particularly for those exiting homelessness. We hope that by developing new partnerships, delivering new initiatives and opening more doors, we will be able to help people integrate into their communities once housed,” Mr Doyle added.

Vacant properties

He stressed the importance of bringing vacant properties back into use for social housing, and he encouraged owners of empty properties in Limerick city and county to get in touch with the charity.

"Peter McVerry Trust's first repair and lease property outside of Dublin was secured in Newcastle West, and we are eager to work with the owners of empty properties and buildings to see if we can repair and lease or buy and renew in order to provide more social housing in Limerick," he said.

The charity is an approved housing body and a specialist provider of social housing and housing supports through the Housing First model which sees upfront housing provision to individuals, couples or families, accompanied by wraparound, intensive and multidisciplinary supports.