Saddam's daughters 'want home in Leeds'


Saddam Hussein's daughters are reportedly hoping to set up home in the north of England.

Raghad and Rana Hussein are said to be planning to apply for asylum to live in Leeds, close to a cousin of their father.

The news comes as a separate report revealed Saddam's wife, Sajida, also plans to seek asylum in Britain.

But a spokesman for the Home Office said any members of Saddam's family found to be guilty of human rights abuses would not be allowed in.

Izzi-Din Mohammed Hassan al-Majid, a cousin of the former Iraqi dictator, claimed the sisters, and their 10 children, are making final arrangements to head to Britain from Iraq.

He told the Sun: "Saddam's daughters had British schools and hospitals in mind when they decided to ask for asylum - especially the schools.

The Daily Mailsays their mother, Sajida Hussein (66), is also applying for asylum in Britain. She split from Saddam in the 1980s and is also the mother of infamous sons Uday and Qusay. She is believed to be in hiding in northern Iraq along with her daughters, the newspaper said.

It was reported earlier this week that, since the fall of the regime, Saddam's daughters are living in two rooms of a family's house and are forced to wash their own clothes and cook their own food. Their husbands were assassinated in 1996 after they defected to Jordan and were then lured back to Iraq.