Wedding band members in court dispute over name

Edmond Kenny: equal shareholder in company

Edmond Kenny: equal shareholder in company


A former lead singer in a three-piece wedding band has claimed the group should not be using the band’s name when performing with a new lead vocalist.

The Eden band is owned by a company in which lead singer Ed Kenny, lead guitarist Robert Pender and keyboard player David Lynch are equal shareholders, the High Court heard.

After a falling out between Mr Kenny and the other two musicians, Mr Kenny asked the court for leave to bring an action on behalf of the company for orders, including that the Eden name could not be used by any new group on grounds it amounted to trading on or wrongfully using an asset belonging to the company.

The court heard Mr Kenny has since formed his own wedding band called All the Best.

His former colleagues use the name Eden Wedding Band, with a new lead singer.

The defendants deny the plaintiff’s claims.

The court will give its decision next week.