Video: Russell Brand backs protesters against Irish Water

Comic and actor says Irish people being taxed twice for ‘a most basic right’

Comedian, actor, author and now anti-water charges campaigner Russell Brand has today spoken out against the introduction of water charges in Ireland.

Brand, who's well known for his Newsnight appearances, has claimed in his regular 'The Trews' YouTube series that Irish people were being taxed twice for water - a necessity which he calls "a most basic right".

Brand’s ‘The Trews’, according to himself, “analyses the news, truthfully, spontaneously and with great risk” to his personal freedom.

Using a mock-Irish accent throughout the video, Brand claims there is no shortage of water but a “drought of investment”, that Ireland “continues to give massive tax breaks to huge companies”, and that austerity is “a lie”.


There is enough resources and money for everyone in the world, he asserts.

Calling for support for the anti-water charge protesters, Brand says “the infrastructure of Ireland has been set up to persecute the most poor people and benefit the richest institutions”.

A YouGov Poll published in the UK yesterday revealed Russell Brand was disliked more than any other celebrity, with 46 per cent believing he had the most damaging influence on political debate, ahead of Jeremy Clarkson (41 per cent) and Bono (19 per cent).

Thirteen per cent of respondents said they believed Brand made a positive contribution.