Drug-resistant flu 'isolated case'


The first H1N1 infection found to be resistant to the antiviral Tamiflu represents an "isolated case" with "no public health implication" at this time, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said today.

The United Nations agency has declared a global pandemic is underway from the virus known as swine flu which has so far been treatable with Roche's Tamiflu.

WHO spokesman Dick Thompson said that the discovery of a patient in Denmark whose infection did not respond to the drug, revealed by the Swiss drug company and Danish officials yesterday, did not amplify the severity of the virus.

"This is an isolated case. At this time, there is no public health implication. But we must remain alert as the virus can change at any time and we must not be complacent," he said. Officials say the patient is now well and no further contagion with the resistant virus was detected.